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Apartment Building

Commercial Construction 


Medical and Dental Offices

It’s important to let your patients feel comfortable with their surroundings when they first arrive at your office for their visit. From the waiting room to the front desk, it’s essential that the look and feel of your medical office is clean and efficient. You want to make sure that your office leaves a lasting impression on your patients for years to come. Our experts can help you with that. We can take your dental or medical office remodeling to the next level.

Retail Store Build-Outs 

You have spent a lot of time and money in your retail store; now it’s time to get your interior structure solidified and make it a reality. Apart from looking at your products, your customers will look at the quality of your store. Therefore, it is important to have it renovated with attractive and appealing designs. Our experts will ensure a high-quality build-out promptly to get your doors open and let your customers in.

Office Build-Outs and Renovations 

Whether you want to remodel your office to suit your taste, or simply starting your business venture, NYC Singh Builders will help build a custom design that will fit your needs. It will also help you maximize your business productivity in NYC area and Nassau County

Hotel Remodeling 

In the realm of hospitality, the commercial building is your business. From the front desk, guest rooms, hallways, and bathrooms, your customers expect high-quality craftsmanship, and your business depends on it. Our experts can remodel your hotel according to your needs, and can help you make sure that your clientele comes back to stay with you over and over again.

NYC Singh Builders are a licensed commercial remodeling contractor with the expertise of latest design and build. Whether you want to start from an original concept, expand the building you are in, or renovate existing floor space, we will work with you from start to finish.
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